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Want to fire your own potttery at home for a special occasion? Birthday Party, Church Event or Just want to do something Cool !

We have had the honor to do some really neat events. From a child or grandchilds birthday to church youth event to Vacation Bible School or even a sorority event!     Just let us know what you are doing and when and we will be gald to do what we can to bring you this exciting ,unique  form of art.


To Host your own Raku Pottery Party here is what you do.

Choose Your Pot!

Everybody willl get to choose a pot to glaze.
You decide if everyone gets a 3" bowlor a 12" Vase.

You Glaze It !

After choosing your
pot you can pick
which glaze you want.

In the Kiln It Goes !

Your pot gets placed in the kiln.

Fire the Kiln !

Here you see me showing how hot it gets. I place a piece of paper about 2 feet away and if catches on fire right away.

20 - 30 Minutes Later, Out They Come.

Take Them Out of the Kiln .

After they reach 1800 degrees the kiln is opened and out come the pots. At night this is a great sight because the pots glow a bright red.

Post Fire Reduction !

Post Fire Reduction is simply a method to get rid of ( reduce ) the amount of oxygen to the pot.
At 1800 Deg. I pull the pots out of the kiln , they are glowing red hot. Then I place them in a metal trash can full of newspaper, straw ot wood chips. As the fire burns it consumes oxygen and because of that the pots turn out really cool.

Here you see a couple of friends helping me.

Take them home !

After about 20 min. in the trash can they are cool enuf to clean the ash off and take home.

This photo shows the white crackle glaze well. The copper mat flash turned out GREAT that day but , it didn't photo well.


If you would like more information on how you can host a Raku Pottery Party Call 405-793-0840 or send me an e-mail: