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Here you can see my work
Below you can see the styles of work I do. I have not yet had a chance to take photos of work produced in the new studio but, you get the idea.

12" Tall Altered Orb Form, Layered Glazes, Cone10 Reduction

10" Vase with Copper Wire, Raku Fired Copper Matt Glaze

9" Tall Orb Vase, Layered Rutile Glaze, Cone10 Reduction

14" Wide Bowl, Mabay Yellow Glaze with Mystery Blue, Cone10 Reduction

20" Vase with Copper Wire, Multiple Color Glaze, Cone 10 Reduction

12" Vase with Copper Wire, Multiple Glazes, Cone 10 Reduction

18" Vase with Copper Wire, White Crackle Glaze, Raku Fired

14" Vase, Layered MS Blue and Flat White Glaze, Cone6 Oxidation